Huang He River Basin Rainfall in Average Year

As a whole the river basin received low levels of rainfall and two distinct areas can be recognised, the North West (very dry) and the South East (dry) sections. In the elevated plateau area, mountain lakes are an important source for the river. The upper reaches of the river basin falls under the monsoon area of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau; the rest of the basin experiences temperate to subtropical conditions. Three zones can be described, the northwest has arid or desert conditions, the middle section has semi-arid conditions and the south east has a more humid climate. The basin as a whole receives roughly 420 mm/yr. In recent years drought conditions have prevailed and coupled with the high demand for water to the agricultural, industrial and urban sectors is leading to increased pressure on this river system. This is one motivation for the construction of the Grand Canal to divert water from the Yangtze river northwards to the Yellow river.

Average Total Rainfall (mm/yr)

Bargraph referencing the colours on the rainfall maps.

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